One Night in Chicago

by Remy Steal

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He sat at the table quietly as they left, by them, i am speaking of the one he loved and his trophy of concurring a crippling loneliness he so often feared to come across again; it seems she is now pouring the wine into his glass as he sits there staring after his lover walk out the door of a ritzy restaurant in the Gold Coast.
She sits next to him and embraces him pulling him back into his existential world before he found love. Instead of a proud David, he walks home like a Giacometti, buried in layers of wool and leather. to him, his apartment is a graveyard, despite knickknacks and half burnt candles trying to give a sense of a welcoming environment; all he wants, is to lay in the sheets that still smell of his lover.
Days, weeks, and nearly a month go by. Shitty co workers trying to comfort him, but all they can say is, "this shall pass". No. "You need to fuck someone else." Maybe. Maybe he needs to feel that stranger relieve him of this, but why be with a stranger when she sits at home waiting for him? that tall lanky apparition of doubt and sadness that had followed him for most of his adult life, standing at the top of his stairway in a McQueen gown, floating to him to be his tonight; he needs to fuck her... or perhaps its the other way around.


Verse 1:

Big fish
All the doors you need never opened
All this
For nothing
What is it you want?

All I
Was to be the best type of boyfriend
You were
thinking of yourself

All this god damn stress
Locked up in my room
I don't wanna get dressed
Speaking to myself
Got me feeling hopeless
Helpless to myself I don't wanna move

you were here for a minute or less
Held you for a second
Then you came and just left
Waking up alone
My apartments one mess
Message to a ghost that won't even speak


All I know
Is that you always wanted to go
And get out of this city life
Leaving you and I behind

You don't know
I would be haunted alone
Miss you in the late of night
Fuck it I will be alright

Verse 2:

All those
Good times
Threw em in the trash can of my mind
Love rhymes
Such a fuckin waste

On the
Wishing you were here holding me tight
Dark days
Cold nights
Keep on lying to myself

At my all time less
I can feel my heartbeat
dying in my chest
Smoking way too much
Got my lungs in stress
I'm so fuckin blessed I can even speak

All of my
Thoughts will try to reminisce
Got us in a frame
I don't want to change it
Might as well get Used to feeling like shit
You can find me here hiding in the sheets



One shot, two shots, three to my brain
Image of you got me going insane



released February 22, 2016
Written and Performed by Remington Messinger
Produced and Composed by Remy Steal (Remington Messinger)
Mixing and Mastering: Remington Messinger



all rights reserved


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Remy Steal Chicago, Illinois

Remy Steal is a Writer, Producer, and singer Based in Los Angeles. Born in Denver and raised in Chicago, his work intends to reflect an aspect of drear found in the crevices of cities he's lived in. Love songs are common, but what are love songs without the drama of the unsettling things surrounding the outskirts of them? the goal isnt to talk about heartbreak, but to show the heart be drained.. ... more

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