by Remy Steal

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Written from a secluded and intimate perspective, 420? brings the listener into this smoke filled atmosphere with the use of filtered synths, reverbed vocals and heavy experimental drum work.
Remy Steal wanted the track to be inspired by love, sex, and smoking weed with someone you admire. "As silly as it sounds, sex when you're high can be the most beautiful experience."
Although written from a queer perspective, the track intends to let the listener into a space in which they can visualize the productions and words for themselves.
Happy 420. toke up, love hard and blaze.

Remy Steal (formerly, REMINGTON) is a singer/song writer and producer based in Chicago IL. Remington Messinger is a Colorado native who began his music career as a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Although his BFA curriculum was to follow a study of sound art and engineering, he took the advantages of the sound department to produce hip hop and R&B music for young emerging artists in Chicago. With free lance work producing and writing for EDM and R&B artists, and remixing for artists such as Blu Marten, Kid Sid, MNDR, Paloma Faith, and Blond Redhead; Messinger took on the name REMINGTON to produce music for himself. He debuted his first EDM EP, Summon Birds, in the late winter of 2013 and although content with his EDM productions, He navigated away from the genre to focus on Writing for himself and to explore different approaches in production.
With a style heavily influenced by hip hop, IDM and R&B, Remington changed his name to Remy Steal, (a name given to him from one of his former teachers) and began singing on his own productions. With writing reflective of his experience as someone hungry to be loved, his past boyfriends, drugs, and the pursuit of the American dream, Remy Steal records and manipulates his auto tuned vocals over heavy synth and bass oriented tracks to create a dark, melancholic world for his listeners. He references Aaliyah, Portishead, Bjork and Lil Kim as his all time favorite artists that he says, have shaped his music.
Remy Steal is currently working on his first full length album, and continues to produce music as a freelance artist.


Verse 1:
Come a little closer
Put your arm around me
You said to come on over,
Kush and your tv.
I know that we're sober,
and i kow that i've been acting up
from all the smoke signals here
Come and take your shirt off, let me see your skin
Let me feel your tattoos and the bristles on your chin.
Feeling sort of anxious, but it feels alright.
If i get too faded i could stay with you tonight.
So dont turn away, no dont look away,
cuz i'm here to stay with you tonight
Show me the way, how you fuck the pain away
When i get high with you

When i get high with you
When i get high with you
I feel something for you
I hope you feel it, do you feel it to?
-You are the one i desire, when i get high when i get real high

Verse 2
Eyes are getting heavy
I can feel your fingertips
Inhaling all this mary
You steal it from my lips
I'm lost in this smokescreen
but i know that you are watching me to see if i
will lose my way to you
You put on that Lana, we sing to Born to Die
American Spirits, writing lyrics on your side
You kiss me how i wanna, i have to close my eyes
but i dont want to end it no keep it here inside.
So dont turn away, no dont look away,
cuz i'm here to stay with you tonight
Show me the way, how you fuck the pain away
When i get high with you


Ending Chorus:
And I feel something for you
I feel something, something for you.



released April 21, 2014
Written, performed and produced by Remington Messinger (Remy Steal)
Mixing&Mastering by Remington Messinger



all rights reserved


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Remy Steal Chicago, Illinois

Remy Steal is a Producer, writer and singer. A grad of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Remington has produced and DJ'd tracks for fashion designers and other singers as well as written for upcoming artists. He has remixed tracks for artists, Paloma Faith, MNDR, Kid Sid, Zefora, Full Blush and Blu Marten. Based in a more experimental form of urban music. ... more

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